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Protogrid is alive and kicking. In this blog, our innovative engineers and creative graphic designers share their stories, anecdotes as well as useful tipps and tricks.

New Protogrid Team Member

Sonja Blum on 2017-12-15
Since this month, the Protogrid Team is supported by a new economic expert. We are pleased to introduce Sandro Andermatt to you:

Sandro Andermatt

Tell us a little bit about your background.

I am currently studying Business Administration at the University of Berne with a major in Information Systems. Last year I also did an internship in the field of project and process management.

What do you like best about Protogrid?

I like the approach that you can also develop your own application as a non-programmer. In general, I find the idea of RAD (Rapid Application Development) very exciting. I'm also thrilled that Protogrid is cross-platform. I think managing different platforms and operating systems are a common problem for companies. Protogrid offers a fresh, solution-oriented approach.

How are you taking Protogrid forward?

As project manager, I support the customer in the development of his individual application. At the same time I support the development of standard apps and modules, which are made available to all users.

What technical innovation do you want for 2018?

I would like to see laser keyboards integrated into tablets, so that no additional keyboards are necessary.

Protogrid Version 1.4

Sonja Blum on 2017-10-27
The newest version of Protogrid has been released! With the new version 1.4, besides lots of other optimizations, the previously desired print function is launched.

You find the feature via the button "This Card" at the lower left corner. Start the printing process by choosing the option "Print".
This Card - Print
The preparation of a beautiful print view takes a moment. While this process is running in the background, you see the following message popping up:
This Card - Print
When the Card is ready to print, you see the following notification in the top right corner:
Card is ready to print
Clicking on the highlighted word "print", a new tab opens with a preview of your Card. Now you can define the width of the columns and select the columns you want to print for every table. As soon as you are happy with the result, print the Card using the print option offered by your browser. The frames will not be printed, only the content is printed according to the defined layout.
Printing preview of the Card:
Card Preview
Printed Document:
Card printed

Try the newest Version of Protogrid now!

Discover the JSON-API with Postman

Sonja Blum on 2017-10-06
With Protogrid, a simple, useful App can be created without any programming skills. As soon as you want to add some customized comfort functionalities with JavaScript, it can be neccessary to access the database of the application through the JSON-API. There exists a documentation of the JSON-API, which explains requests and responses. Nevertheless it can be helpful to test the requests and see, what the responses look like, without running code to discover the API.


Our Developers use Postman to do this. Postman allows to make different requests and look at the responses. Thanks to the included authorization it is easy to imitate the behaviour of the script library.
Authentication with Postman

Under the tab "Authorization" you can choose the option BasicAuth and log in with your Protogrid Login data.
Now you can start different requests. I show you the basics of GET and POST, since those are the most frequent request types.
GET-Request with Postman

To perform a request of type GET, first choose the option GET at the top and enter the desired API request. By clicking on Send your request gets sent and you get the response below the "Authorization". Now you can see, how the returned JSON-object response looks like and where you find your desired information.
Post-Request witht Postman

To perform a reqest of type POST, choose the option POST and enter the address. Now you need to add the data you want to send with the request. Do so by choosing "Body" in the top tab bar, where you also find the "Authorization" tab. As type, choose "raw" and in the appearing drop down menu select "JSON(application/json)". Now you can enter your data. After sending the request, you find the response in the same text field as before.

By performing this operations, you come to know better the API and you are able to test your requests. Please be aware, that your requests get tested on the real data and therefore will be visible in your Environment.
For additional questions, our protogrid support team is happy to help you.