Protogrid is an very versatile platform. Due to many different field types and flexible relations, one can realize any thinkable type of application. In this blog post we show some examples, that are already developed with Protogrid.


Working Plan

A working plan defines, which person is doing what at which time and location. With Protogrid, this can be realized quite simple: You create a Proto for workers, locations and additional resources. Out of these one can easily create a working plan, which contains several views (per worker, per location, per resource, per time) that are available mobile and offline. If any changes will be needed in the future, this be achieved fast and easily.

Time Tracking

Depending on the working environment, it can be really helpful to be able to track working time everywhere even without internet connection. With Protogrid, this is straightforward: Create Protos for workers and working times and roll out your application to mobile devices. With own buttons and some lines of JavaScript you can create monthly invoices and other comfortable functions.

Acquisition of Information

Audit Reporting

Field workers need to create their audit reports based on some protocol, file them centralized and postprocess them. With Protogrid, all reports can be created in place and are filed systematically. Additionally, workers can not only access the protocols and client information, but any other relevant documents or informations.

 Bundesarchiv, Bild 183-24369-1980 /CC-BY-SA 3.0

Registration of Leads at a Fair or Road-Show

At a fair, your companys booth gets visited by many people. You talk, answer some questions, receive a business card and promise to call back. After the fair, all the gained data needs to be sorted and filed, hoping that everybody still knows, which visitor was interested in which products. With your tailor-made Protogrid App, you can collect and store all this data directly at the fair, link products and themes of interest and create a reminder to contact the visitor again. In the eveningat your hotel room, the newest leads are uploaded into the cloud and the back office can already spring into action.


Product Catalog

Especially field workers depend on a detailed catalog of all products that the company offers. Catalogs in PDF-format or even printed versions are quite bulky: Even for small changes, everybody needs to be informed and new material has to be provided, which can lead to larger effort. Thanks to the mobile and offline capabilities of Protogrid, this effort gets minimized: For each product you create a Card, which can be updated easily anytime. The new data is automatically synchronised with all the mobile devices, such that every worker gets the newest data instantly.

This is only a small list of possible applications. We would like to advise you about matching your individual requirements and propose a prototype!