Client Success Stories

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“Quicker response to customers”

Quicker Response to Customers

Satisfy Customers with Unique Requirements

The global manager for improvements of business processes needed a solution for customers with special requirements. All project managers world-wide need to be able to register these special requirements and subsequently a global workflow starts where design departments, production departments, security departments and sales departments collaborate to check if a solution is feasible.

How it was done

We developed a workflow application within a few days in close cooperation with the business process owner.

The Benefits

  • Special customer requirements can be handled properly
  • Specialists from all countries can be involved as needed
  • Customers receive a quick answer about feasibility


“Saves hundreds of hours of paper-work”

Saves hundreds of hours of paper-work

Speed Up Ordering of Marketing Materials

The sales reps order additional sales materials for dealers they visit. The orders are registered at the dealer's site in the Protogrid app. All involved parties start producing and delivering immediately. For example, the print shop can start printing the same day and deliver to the dealer the next day.

How it was done

We developed a simple Protogrid app within a few days and trained all sales reps within half an hour.

The Benefits

  • The company saves hundreds of hours each year through less paper-work
  • The delivery is much faster
  • The sales reps have more time for their customers


“A powerful global platform for our franchising partners”

Global Platform for Franchising Partners

Launch an International Franchise for Tennis Schools

The startup needs to manage all training centers, courses, trainers, parents, and their kids. It must be possible to send invoices and to have a financial overview. The training centers are located in several countries.

How it was done

Together with the customer's project manager we developed a Protogrid application. The project manager was able to define and create all the forms and fields by himself, thus saving a lot of time and money.

The Benefits

  • Comprehensive management platform for the franchising partners in all countries and their respective customers
  • The application was developed 7 times faster than with conventional tools
  • Easy multilingual support


“Protogrid provided a quick solution after changed regulations”

Quick Solution After Changed Regulations

Track and Manage Important Information

The social health department needs a new application for case management for all sites within the country. New regulations made the old software obselete and a new software solution was required within a few months.

How it was done

In close cooperation with the customer we developed a Protogrid app within a few weeks.

The Benefits

  • Short time to market
  • Easy roll-out to all locations


Anyone can make apps

You do not need a programmer to build software. Protogrid enables you to create software yourself, regardless of skill set. Make tools that satisfy your unique needs. Experience the benefits within hours.

It’s awesome. It’s free.

Protogrid is completely free for up to two users with any number of applications.