If you frequently work with an application, you will always notice new potential for improvement. A new function here, a new graphic there. Be it just to finally place this button at the top, so that you don't have to search for it all the time.
But no matter how quickly the improvement is implemented, the optimization process is dragging on: First of all these improvements have to be reported, then you get an offer from the developer, the budget has to be approved, then you need a schedule with the developer, consisting of start meeting, development phase, approval and many small intermediate steps.
And when the time has come, the internal process has changed and the implemented function does not fit exactly anymore, the moved button is no longer needed at all. To counteract this problem, you can now rent a developer to Protogrid! He will visit you at regular intervals in order to implement your wishes immediately in so-called My-App-Sessions. No more long waiting times, no more scheduling. You also don't have to request a budget every time, as you rent the developer and pay him together with the monthly fees for Protogrid. In this way, your wishes can be implemented quickly and easily, and your application is always optimally adapted to the current business processes.

My App as a Service
You can choose from different packages, which differ mainly in the frequency of My-App sessions:
  • Do your processes change quickly, or do you have many optimization requests? Book a package of size XL and we will come by every month!
  • Do you only need a few adjustments? Book the XS package and we'll see you 3 times a year.
Detailed information about our new offer can be found here: My App as a Service
Fill out the order form in the flyer and start today to optimize your application agilely!